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Artisan of Chronometry


Since completing my four-year traineeship at the International Watch Co. (IWC) in Schaffhausen, the gear wheel has never been far from the centre of my professional path. The motion and the physical laws have fascinated me from the very beginning.

At the end of the 1990s, after completing my training to become a certified watchmaker at the ZeitZentrum in Grenchen, I was responsible for the repair of complicated watches (perpetual calendars, chronographs, etc.) at IWC. An extraordinary opportunity gave me chance to move to Zurich, where I joined the Chronometrie Beyer AG, one of the most renowned watch and jewellery shops in the country. At this time, I became increasingly interested in clockmaking.

Inspired and supported by the inestimable knowledge and experience of a long-time clockmaker, in addition to my job as an instructor of young watchmaking apprentices, I was also able to dedicate myself to the care of a clock collection that is unique in the world.

Thereafter, I spent 20 years engaged in the intense study of a wide variety of antique, old and modern timepieces. The field is massive, indeed inexhaustible, and new discoveries in terms of the craft and technical knowledge are practically daily occurrences. Having my own company now affords me delightful opportunities to continue my study on a continual basis.

Hansueli Schmid, Master Watchmaker and Company Owner, 8053 Zurich

 Atelier Schmid - Artisan de Chronométrie in Zürich

Zum Uhrmacher, Zurich


I became aware of my desire to work as a watchmaker at an early age and completed a watchmaking apprenticeship at Swatch Group in Grenchen, with excursions to Omega and Longines. Immediately after completing my basic training, I was given the opportunity to deepen my practical and technical skills at the watch manufacturer "Urwerk SA" in Geneva. This engagement of several years led me into the world of prototyping - to extraordinary challenges in the field of micro-technology, surface treatment and production. Nothing seemed impossible and it was always the hands, the patience and the unwavering conviction that I could always master any task.


Under these conditions, the passion to modify watch models according to all wishes also grew in me: Be it a special dial, or the making of an exposed case back for the personal wristwatch.
A brief move into the technology of the hi-fi industry soon brought me back to the watchmaker's workshop - to the company Meister 1881, on Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich.
Here, for almost two years, I was able to carry out the whole world of great watchmaking in the repair service and live it with enthusiasm. Pocket watches, chronographs, quartz watches and complications.


The collaboration with Hansueli Schmid resulted from our long-standing relationship and a sudden opportunity.
As the manager of the "Zum Uhrmacher GmbH" on Schaffhauserplatz, I now have the opportunity to set everything timekeeping possible in motion for people.

Flaviano Carrapa, Watchmaker/Rhabilleur and Company Owner, 8006 Zurich

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